>>> What We Do <<<

Frontier Hemp is Tennessee Hemp.


We care a great deal about this plant. We have seen first-hand the amazing healing potential of nearly every part of it, from the fibers to the flowers. Cannabis "Hemp" isn't just about CBD. You'll learn a great deal about the different healing components of the plant. Our products offer a broad range of cannabinoid offerings so you can try different parts of the plant.


Everybody is different. Every body is different. We encourage you to try different products and different product combinations to find your own sweet spot.


Frontier Hemp is a brand of integrity, hard work, and personal fortitude. We have all sacrificed a lot to build a brand that speaks the Truth. A lot of people are scared of this plant. The amount of misinformation that we’ve heard for so long can influence the way we feel about certain things.  We are here to tell you a different story.


Frontier Hemp starts with high-quality hemp plants. We grow our own. We touch them every day. We grow small gardens so we can take care of each plant and keep an eye on things. We care.


Our oils are second to none. Our creams will soothe the achiest muscles. Our capsules are made from the most cutting-edge technology. Our water-soluble drink drops are built to carry with you throughout the day for a quick boost of CBD with your favorite beverage. We even have a product for your best, furry friend.


If you see a product you would like to try but you can't afford it, please send us a message about your situation and we will help. It's the only reason we are in business.

Farmers Come First

Farming is the backbone of our country. We farm our own hemp and we work directly with our partners co-creating farming and extraction systems. Without dedicated farmers, we have no hemp.

Listen to the plant

Hemp was grown for thousands of years and has over 20,000 of uses today. Recently, the demand for cannabinoids found within the plant has increased dramatically. We are barely scratching the surface in our understanding of this powerful plant. Let's grow with it.

Hemp can Heal

Frontier Hemp understands the potential of this beautiful plant. Our goal is to farm locally and produce the highest quality finished products. We work with Chemists, Doctors and Universities to study the efficacy of our formulations.

We evolve with the industry

Each harvest provides new information. Each day we learn of new uses for this incredibly powerful plant. As your partner, we promise to keep you well informed in this dynamic, new industry.

Stewards of the Earth

We strive to create healthy soil systems and promote clean farming practices. Hemp uses less water, less fertilizer, and no pesticides. We strive to create earth-friendly products and clean, plant-based supplements.

We look for new opportunities

We understand many parts of the industry. We actively work with one of the largest extraction labs in the Mid-South and we evolve with the changing landscape of cannabis. We will continue to develop our systems as the market expands.

We work hard for you

Growing and selling hemp today requires a team effort. This is not a commodity and there is no spot price. Building a focused plan for each farm is the only way to provide consistent products. Cooperation is the new competition.

We believe in what we do

Our integrity is measured by how we conduct our lives and business every day. Our success comes with your success. We know this plant and we know it is beneficial to humanity. We want to teach you and help you realize it too.